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Samantha's story


Hi! I’m Samantha, and I’m 47 years old!

Here's how this device had helped me sleep through the night when nothing else worked…

I’d like to share my own story because I know it will resonate with you… just read it all the way to the end…


Hi again! I’m Samantha, a mother and a wife, and I work as an executive at a well-known company.


If you’re familiar with working in a white-collar environment, you’re likely also familiar with answering your phone and emails long after your shift has ended.


Do that for a couple of years, sparkle a little bit of stress and a demanding boss… and there it is; the best recipe for depression, anxiety, hating your job, headaches and sleepless nights, and insomnia. 


And the worse of them all was, of course, the sleepless and restless nights…

And it wasn’t like I wasn’t tired; I was miserable at night. I was so tired; I couldn’t even keep my eyes open. But every time I’d close them, I’d see emails, flow charts, meetings, and deadlines…

I couldn’t fall asleep for hours and often stared at the ceiling at 1 AM.


My 14-year old has always had a difficult time falling asleep, and staying asleep. Since he’s had the Bonosleep, he has been falling asleep in less than 5 minutes! –Ruth B.


I'd wake up in the morning tired, frustrated, and sometimes, close to an emotional breakdown.

If you have kids, and you know that period of a few months when your newborn isn’t sleeping through the night… well, that’s how I lived, even though my child is 13 years old.

I knew I couldn’t do this forever and had to do something before it was too late. Quitting my job was out of the question, as I was the breadwinner of the house, so I had to find a different solution. A solution that could get me to fall asleep and sleep through the night.

Of course, first, I went to the doctor. He prescribed me various melatonin-based medications that never really worked quite as expected. Some even had side effects that made me dizzy.


I tried every home remedy under the sun…

  • I tried changing my diet – nothing changed.

  • I tried drinking more water – the only results were that I went to the bathroom more often.

  • I tried meditating before heading to bed – I couldn’t even control my breath.

  • I even tried some holistic methods for falling asleep, but as expected, it was a waste of time…

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I was devastated.

I couldn’t fall asleep no matter what, let alone sleep through the night.

Until one day…

While browsing the web for new calming and sleep-inducing solutions, an ad popped up. Usually, I hate ads, but this one was different, by all means.

It was Bonosleep. A sleep-inducing device that uses electrotherapy to fight insomnia, something I didn’t know existed.

You can imagine how, after being let down by all these so-called “solutions,” I was pretty skeptical about it BUT still intrigued as it was something new.


After checking the product and its features for a few minutes, I stumbled on the review section. That’s when it clicked…

Hundreds, if not thousands, of 5-star reviews from people like me who had tried everything under the sun and nothing helped them.

Bonosleep got my hopes high, so I decided to give this a shot and hit the order button.

I remember I had my pajamas on when it got delivered two days later, and honestly, I thought it would be the first night of good sleep.

It didn’t happen, though…

It did help me fall asleep faster, but I woke up at about 3 AM.


Well, there was a little progress, but not as I expected. Anyway, as the adage says: “progress is happiness”; I continued going to sleep with Bonosleep in my hand.

What I noticed the first time was that it would instantly calm my anxious mind and help me relax.

The more significant changes started to appear after two weeks of my new routine:

  • After one week into my new routine, I started sleeping longer and more profoundly.

  • After ten days of using Bonosleep, I stopped waking up during the night.

  • Now, after two weeks of going to sleep each night with Bonosleep in my hand, I wake up fully restored and fresh!
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This happened almost a year ago, and now I sleep like a baby! I can’t even hear my husband snoring!

If you suffer from insomnia, can't fall asleep, wake up during the night, and feel exhausted in the morning, then Bonosleep might be the solution. It will help you fall asleep faster when nothing else can.

Or if you know someone dealing with something similar, share this with them! They’ll thank you later!

I hope it has even a fraction of the impact on your life that it has had on mine because what you’re about to get has forever changed my life.

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Receive a 30% discount if you order today! Get a genuine BonoSleep™ only at the official site






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Receive a 30% discount if you order today! Get a genuine BonoSleep™ only at the official site