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Emma P.

How I Discovered a Secret Way to Finally Fall Asleep Without Fail Every Night…

I was beginning to think I was destined to stay in this zombie-like state forever, until I found the one thing that would help me sleep soundly every night.

You know what they say about moms and how we never sleep when our kids are little. It’s so true!

But as my kids started getting bigger and being more manageable, I continued to find it hard to sleep.

I shrugged it off as I always did with anything that was just for myself. I mean, I’m a mom. I put everyone else before me.

And that kind of attitude could have cost me my life. It could have left my children without a mom, and my husband grieving while trying to raise them on his own.


I’ll never forget the incident.

I had been up all night working on a proposal for a client after an especially hectic evening with the kids. I maybe slept 2 hours, if that.

I was beyond exhausted, something I had always worn like a badge of honor.

There’s no honor in exhaustion though.

As I drove to work, my mind drifted, and suddenly, I heard a horn blaring. It jarred me awake and at the absolute last second, I somehow swerved onto the shoulder of the highway.

Apparently, in my exhaustion, I’d fallen asleep at the wheel. I’d veered in front of a large semi, hence the loud horn. I was so shaken as I sat there. I could have been killed. I could have hurt other people, all because I wasn’t sleeping enough.


My 14-year old has always had a difficult time falling asleep, and staying asleep. Since he’s had the Bonosleep, he has been falling asleep in less than 5 minutes! –Ruth B.


I resolved to make a change and start getting in bed earlier.

There was just one problem with that though…I’d get into bed, and I could not sleep.My husband suggested we change the bedding and add some blackout curtains.

That was nice, but it didn’t change anything for my lack of sleep.


I tried sleeping pills and supplements.

Warm milk.


Oh, you name it, and I promise you I tried it all in the name of sleep.

To top it off, I kept having flashbacks of that almost-crash. I couldn’t stop my mind from wondering, “What if?”

What little sleep I did get never felt restful or restorative. I was at my wit’s end. All I wanted was a good night of sleep and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get it.

It’s funny how life works though, because I was in my supermarket’s nutrition aisle looking at supplements to see if there were any I hadn’t tried yet to get sleep.


I looked up when I heard my name. I couldn’t even believe it. It was a former colleague of mine, Cindy.

I remembered Cindy as a bit sullen, always with dark circles underneath her eyes. She didn’t look like that now.

She hugged me, a container of vitamin C rattling in her hands as she encircled me with her arms.

“Do you have time for lunch?” she asked.

I thought it would be great to catch up so off we went.

And it was indeed nice to see her. I was enjoying myself, but I was so tired. And that’s when she asked, “Hey, are you ok? I couldn’t help but notice that you seem exhausted.”

I opened my mouth to speak, but words wouldn’t come out. Instead, tears spilled down my cheeks. She handed me some napkins and told me if I wanted to talk about what was wrong, she’d listen.

I don’t know why, maybe it was exhaustion, but I blurted out the whole entire thing. I talked about the toll of having young kids, not being able to sleep, almost getting in a horrific car accident…all of it.

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Cindy listened to every word of it. Our food arrived and I felt like a weight had been lifted off my chest. But what I didn’t know was that Cindy had suffered through something similar.

“My husband and I were excited we were going to have another baby. Then I had a miscarriage and I felt like I wanted to sleep forever, yet I couldn’t sleep. I totally get it,” she explained.

“And I tried everything too, but there was only one thing that actually worked.”

“What was it?” I asked.

“It’s a sleep aid.”

“Oh,” I said, finding it hard to hide my disappointment. I’d tried those and nothing had worked. I was beginning to think that I’d never really sleep again.

“No, no, not like sleeping pills or supplements. It’s a sleep aid device,” she explained.

She told me this thing, Bono Sleep, was something you hold in your hand when you go to bed. “And it stimulates your brain to help promote sleep.”

“Sounds like some weird science fiction,” I murmured, not believing this could work as she showed me the website from her phone.


After checking the product and its features for a few minutes, I stumbled on the review section. That’s when it clicked…

“Just try it. What have you got to lose?”

Cindy had me there. I mean, the website had a 90-day return policy. What was the worst that could happen? It wouldn’t work like everything else and I’d send it back and get my money back.

So, after the lunch, I went ahead and ordered this device. I didn’t have high hopes for Bono Sleep. In fact, when it arrived, I was even more skeptical but I was so tired of being exhausted all the time I was willing to try anything.

I was worried about the sensations it would create and that they would hurt but Cindy assured me it was not painful. In fact, she described it as the most soothing sensation ever.


Well, there was a little progress, but not as I expected. Anyway, as the adage says: “progress is happiness”; I continued going to sleep with Bonosleep in my hand.

What I noticed the first time was that it would instantly calm my anxious mind and help me relax.

The more significant changes started to appear after two weeks of my new routine:

  • After one week into my new routine, I started sleeping longer and more profoundly.

  • After ten days of using Bonosleep, I stopped waking up during the night.

  • Now, after two weeks of going to sleep each night with Bonosleep in my hand, I wake up fully restored and fresh!
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This happened almost a year ago, and now I sleep like a baby! I can’t even hear my husband snoring!

Bono Sleep: The Verdict

That was my life 2 months ago. Today, I am a woman that finally sleeps soundly and naturally, all thanks to this little hand-held device. You don’t feel anything painful and it lulls you to sleep.

I’ve never been so happy with a product in my life. I’ve been sharing my story to help others suffering from lack of sleep. This thing works! You’ve got to try it…there’s no risk, so shop now and save!

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Emma P.


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