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by Amy Knowles — on March 29, 2023

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This Little Device is Disrupting Big Pharma by Giving Insomniacs a Drug-Free, Safe-Way to Sleep Better

Do you struggle to fall or stay asleep? Do you wake up at 2 am, 3 am or 4 am tossing and turning? 

Lying in bed, not getting enough sleep and worrying about how your next day is going to play out is a horrible reality insomniacs live with. Getting only a few hours (or no sleep at all) makes you feel cranky, unable to focus and prone to mistakes.

Finally, you look at the clock and realize you have been laying in the dark for 3 hours… by now you’re losing hope of falling asleep at all. 

What’s even more terrifying, with with every night of poor sleep you get, your chances of developing health problems increase.

According to research, you’re more likely to gain weight, suffer a weakened immune system, or have a heart attack, diabetes, or stroke.

Additionally, insomniacs are far more prone to accidents and tend to have a shorter life span with accelerated aging.¹


All that tossing and turning may have sent you straight to the pharmacy for OTC sleeping pills or even to the doctor for prescriptions.


The problem with those pills though is that they leave you feeling groggy the next day, like you’re never fully present in your life. 


But this is not even the biggest side effect. Research says sleeping pills can increase your risk of death by 4.6x causing experts to compare them to smoking cigarettes.²


As such, it’s important that you start sleeping well every night. However, for you and millions of others, that might seem impossible without those pills.


And that’s a difficult choice to make: suffer with insomnia or resort to pills that could harm you.


Fortunately, a new device is making it easy to fall asleep and stay asleep 100% naturally without taking any medications.


This is making Big Pharma nervous it will be losing those big bucks by keeping you on those pills!


My 14-year old has always had a difficult time falling asleep, and staying asleep. Since he’s had the Bonosleep, he has been falling asleep in less than 5 minutes! –Ruth B.


The Scientific Breakthrough That Will Help You Sleep Tonight, and Every Night

Now you don’t have to suffer through another sleepless night followed by a day of miserable exhaustion.


With a small, handheld device that uses painless electrotherapy stimulation and heating, called BonoSleep, you can relieve anxiety and insomnia and enjoy sleep again.


BonoSleep tackles insomnia in several different ways.

Firstly it uses electrotherapy.


Specific microcurrent waves pulsate from BonoSleep through your hand to the brain. It helps to restore the balance of neurochemicals in your brain.


This is the part of your brain that regulates mood and by stimulating it you can relax easier.³


These microcurrents are created by holding the BonoSleep in your palm.


You physically feel small painless electric pulses which as a result forces you to pay attention to them instead of your anxious mind.


Finally, it uses heating. Science has proven that heating the extremities (hands or feet) improves sleep quality and reduces awakenings during the night.⁴

Check Availability

Since its launch last year, the BonoSleep device has been difficult to keep in stock. 




This technology holds the key to future treatments for insomnia, as well as anxiety. It is safe, 100% natural and you only have to buy the product once. With sleeping pills, you need to keep coming back for refills. Which is why Big Pharma is nervous about losing your dependence on those sleep prescriptions.

How to use it?

BonoSleep can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply, all without medications or changing your routine.


If you feel stressed or anxious and it’s keeping you from sleeping, you need to try this revolutionary device for safe, natural sleep tonight.


 In just 3 easy steps, you’ll be on your way to better sleep:


  1. Hold BonoSleep in your hand before sleep and turn it on.
  2. Adjust the intensity of the pulses.
  3. Drift into sleep.

Experts recommend using BonoSleep for about 20 min. prior to the time you wish to fall asleep. It turns off automatically after 20 min. and you don’t need to hold it the whole night.


It will slip out of your hand naturally once you are asleep. It comes with the wrist strap to keep it close.


For most people one 20 min cycle is enough to fall asleep. But it’s perfectly fine to continue until you fall asleep. It takes up to 2 weeks to train your body to understand that these pulses are triggers to fall asleep.

Does it help to stay asleep?

Using BonoSleep before bed helps to calm down your nervous system. As a result you get into the deep sleep state quicker, which reduces the wake ups during the night. However, if you wake up during the night just use BonoSleep again to fall back asleep easier.” – says Brian M. the founder of the BonoWellness.


With BonoSleep there is no proclivity to addiction and the long-term use actually supports your mental state into no longer needing a sleeping or calming aid of any kind!


Moreover, there are no batteries to change, refills or drugs to keep buying – it’s a one-time purchase which lasts for years.


Usually I fall asleep instantly once my head hits the pillow. But I often suffer from insomnia in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. This is when I have been using the device, and it works for me beautifully.
Norma J.


Try BonoSleep Risk-Free and Save!

Thousands of insomniacs are finally falling asleep without depending on sleep drugs and waking up feeling refreshed, thanks to BonoSleep.


Join them by getting this device so you can fall asleep fast tonight and improve your sleep.


With a 90-days risk-free guarantee, you can have complete peace of mind should you find that it’s not for you.


But hurry, because BonoSleep is now going for 30% off its original price. Don’t miss your chance to sleep better than ever while saving more.


Check Availability

Since its launch last year, the BonoSleep device has been difficult to keep in stock. 




My 14-year old has always had a difficult time falling asleep, and staying asleep. Since he’s had the Bonosleep, he has been falling asleep in less than 5 minutes! –Ruth B.


Purchase of the year. Considering how much money I’ve spent on various medicines it’s worth even more. After using it long term I noticed I am able to fall asleep easier without any sleep aid! –Tina S.


I bought the BonoSleep for my mother who had significant problems falling asleep. She had tried many different things for her insomnia but nothing worked until she tried the BonoSleep! She just loves it, she is 68 years old and finds it very easy to use and within a few days saw a difference. –Kevin P.

Try BonoSleep

Since its launch last year, the BonoSleep device has been difficult to keep in stock.